5 Surprising Benefits of Laughter for Seniors

5 Surprising Benefits of Laughter for SeniorsHelp a Senior Loved One with Hearing LossIf there is a true “universal language,” it’s probably laughter. Think about it: every culture around the world values humor in one form or another, and appreciation for humor is expressed through laughter, which is often brought on involuntarily. It’s also true that laughter is good for the mind and body. After all, there is a reason why people say “laughter is the best medicine.”

People tend to associate laughter with togetherness and community, but when it comes to living life as a senior, laughter is often a bit more difficult to come by thanks to the conditions that many seniors find themselves in. Fortunately, family members and caregivers are available to lift the spirits of seniors who may be missing the personal connections that provided smiles and laughter in the past.

If you are caring for a senior loved one who may be missing levity in their lives, you can make a huge impact simply by acknowledging and tapping into your loved one’s sense of joviality and humor!

Here are five of the surprising benefits of laughter for seniors:

#1 — It Reduces Blood Pressure and Increases Blood Flow

With laughter comes a decrease in blood pressure, which is incredibly vital for seniors. It also stimulates an improvement in the flow of blood throughout the body, which is crucial for overall senior health.

#2 — Laughter Reduces Stress

Studies have shown that the so called “stress hormone” cortisol is found in lesser amounts in the bodies of those who laugh and experience happiness more frequently.

#3 — It Can Improve Memory

Because laughter reduces overall stress levels, it has a positive impact on the amount of stress that’s experienced by the brain. When the brain is stressed out, it uses up a ton of resources, but when it’s exposed to less cortisol and stress, it’s given the ability to heal itself better and continue to make room for memories.

#4 — Laughter Promotes Physical Fitness

Although it may not seem like great exercise, laughter engages virtually all of the body’s physical systems, including muscles and nerves. And when the body is engaged, it makes seniors feel good, which often leads to a greater interest in exploring even more healthy physical activity.

#5 — It Boosts the Immune System

All of the laughter benefits noted above combine to create conditions under which the body’s immune system can thrive. Improved wellbeing, better blood flow and increased oxygen intake all contribute to a healthier, stronger immune system, which, in turn helps seniors battle some of the common diseases and maladies that might otherwise darken their days and leave them in ill health.

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