5 Delicious Slow-Cooker Meals Seniors Love

5 Delicious Slow-Cooker Meals Seniors LoveFor many people, the change in seasons means a chance to change the wardrobe and the way the home is decorated. For others, it means a home that’s transformed from the absence of children who have gone back to school. For everyone, it’s a time for the menu of dinner options to change.

Cooler temperatures mean fewer salads and cold sandwiches, which give way to oven-baked specialties and hearty stews. The secret to success at mealtime during the cooler months of the year is the venerable slow cooker, which for many of us goes by the brand name “Crock Pot.” This reliable device takes the labor out of cooking, and adds delicious flavors and aromas to the home. For seniors, it’s an invaluable appliance to have in the kitchen. Although it’s useful year round, the slow cooker is especially useful during the fall and winter.

And if you’re caring for a senior loved one, you need to know how to get the most out of the slow cooker over the next several months.

Here are some great meal ideas your senior loved one is sure to enjoy!

#1 — Beef and Bean Chili

One of the wonderful aspects of slow cookers is that you are often rewarded by keeping it simple. For a healthy, filling and hearty meal, combine some beans, beef, tomatoes and spices in the slow cooker for a freezable chili dish that will really hit the spot this winter.

#2 — Easy Minestrone

Soups like minestrone contain a ton of nutrition, and they are perfect for cool fall or winter days. When you make them in the slow cooker, they are incredibly easy, too. Virtually any recipe for this delicious dish can be modified for the slow cooker, so work with your loved one to find one that hits the sweet spot.

#3 — Garlic Chicken with Veggies

Chicken cooks up really well in the slow cooker at a low setting. When you add a bit of garlic and your favorite vegetables, it can turn into a delicious flavor sensation that fills the home with amazing aromas!

#4 — Overnight Oatmeal

A filling breakfast is one of the great ways to start a cold winter day, so it’s good to have something ready to go. By making steel cut oats overnight in the slow cooker, your senior can always have a hearty meal ready for them when they get out of bed. The addition of some bananas, blueberries or other fruits can transform the oatmeal into something truly special, too!

#5 — Vegetarian Lasagna

The slow cooker is also great for cold-weather meals without meat! To make a mean veggie lasagna, simply chop your vegetables and layer them with noodles and water in your slow cooker. Keep it on the low setting and you’ll have a delicious home-style meal that’s healthy and vegetarian friendly.

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