5 Big Benefits of “Aging in Place” for Seniors

For today’s seniors, the desire to stay at home is strong. In fact, the modern elderly population is much different from its past counterparts with most of them eschewing the concept of leaving home to stay in a nursing home or some sort of other facility. They want to remain independent and in control of their lives, and many of them are incredibly active, even though they may require assistance from time to time. This is where the “aging in place” boom comes in.

Perhaps your aging loved one has expressed a desire to age in place. While it’s easy to understand why a senior would want to remain in their beloved home for as long as possible, is it really beneficial for them?

The short answer is a resounding YES! There are actually countless benefits for seniors who stay at home to age in place.

Here are five of the biggest examples:

#1 — Retaining Independence

Seniors love their independence and the ability to make decisions for themselves. Remaining independent past retirement is crucial for a healthy sense of dignity and worth. By staying at home, seniors can retain control over their lives while still being able to participate in the community. What’s more, with today’s advances in home-based senior care, elderly individuals can remain at home safely.

#2 — Family Relationships

Going to Grandma or Grandpa’s house is special for everyone involved. Visiting an elderly loved one at a senior facility just isn’t as pleasant or comfortable. When seniors can stay at home, it preserves a special, loving environment for families to interact and relate to each other comfortably.

#3 — Senior Safety

Although it’s understandable that you might become concerned with a senior’s safety at home, older individuals are actually safer when they find themselves in familiar environments, like the home. If safety is a concern, there’s a lot you can do to make the home better suited for senior living. Trained in-home caregivers can also ensure that the home is as safe as possible.

#4 — All the Comforts

Sleeping in your own bed in your own room in your own home is something that you might take for granted. For seniors, it’s something that they want to hold on to for as long as possible. Staying at home is simply much more comfortable than living in a nursing home or other such facility. Comfort is truly one of the key benefits of aging in place.

#5 — Keep Costs Down

Caring for a senior loved one can be expensive, especially when it’s done in a facility. But when an aging individual stays at home, costs are kept down considerably. Caregivers can be hired for specific hours, ensuring that seniors get everything they need without paying for anything they don’t.

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