4 Benefits of Aging in Place

People are living longer, and many prefer the comfort of staying in their own homes for as long as possible. They don’t want to go into an assisted living community or nursing home unless they have to. And as long as they’re still mentally and physically able to live on their own, they’re determined to do so.

Aging in place comes with many benefits for both seniors and their families. It can be a wonderful option for easing the transition of aging and shifting toward more skilled care. Hiring an in-home caregiver can provide seniors with the level of support they need to age in place more safely and comfortably, allowing them to stay in their own home for longer. Here are four benefits to aging in place:

  1. A Sense of Familiarity and Comfort.

Your loved one knows their home inside and out. They know where everything is and how it works. It is set up how they like it and has everything they need. Their home also holds a lot of memories. It is a place where they feel safe and comfortable, so removing them from this environment and putting them in assisted living or a nursing home can be a shock to their system. They’re going from the familiarity of their own home to a strange new place where they likely have less space of their own.

  1. A Sense of Control.

Seniors can maintain their sense of independence and control in their own home. Even if they have an in-home caregiving stopping by to help out, it is still their own space. They can do what they want, when they want. All of their personal belongings are there, and they are responsible for the upkeep and decision making. This sense of responsibility and control can also help to keep them more mentally sharp. Assisted living may make them feel as though they have less input and say in what happens.

  1. Reduced Agitation or Confusion.

If your loved one is developing dementia or Alzheimer’s, change can be difficult. Aging in place can help to reduce their agitation or confusion because it is something that has been a constant in their life. They know the space intimately, and it is relaxing and comforting. If they do become frustrated, they can sit in their favorite chair, look at pictures, or listen to music surrounded by a familiar environment.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Senior care at an assisted living facility or nursing home can be costly. Opting to age in place (as long as it is safe to do so) and work with an in-home care provider such as Always Best Care can be more cost-effective. Your loved one can schedule assistance for specific hours, receiving the help they need without paying for extras they may not need. Plus, they have the added benefit of receiving one-on-one assistance and the caregiver’s undivided attention.

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